Breakdown Cover

Let’s be honest here, having your vehicle break down is never fun, and even less so when your livelihood functions around the vehicle in question. So how can you prepare for the worst case scenario, and avoid this common frustrating situation? How can you put measures in place to prevent disaster should you be unfortunate enough to break down?

We work closely with breakdown cover providers to ensure that we can keep you moving with as little disruption as possible. Not only that, we help you to avoid the extortionate roadside assistance figures, before the garage even gets to take a look. Let us be your lifesaver when the world knocks you down, getting you back up and moving again.

We all know it makes perfect sense to plan for the worst yet we foolishly hesitate and often put it off until it’s too late. It’s no good waiting until you’ve broken down to realise that it would be sensible to get the cover in place. By the time you arrange the cover, you’ve paid out a small fortune and already had the problems fixed. We can include home start, roadside assistance, relay and even onward travel so you can still get to your destination.

A breakdown triangle in the foreground with a worker in a high vis vest

** please note that the breakdown cover provided cannot be used for vehicles handled in connection with your occupation that are not listed on the policy.

If you are interested in discussing our specialist breakdown cover, simply call us on the number shown, or request a callback via our form below.

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