Stock of Vehicle Cover

Business is booming, you’re shifting cars steadily and your level of stock is expanding. Your driveway is beginning to look more than full, and maybe the vehicles are even spilling into the street much to the annoyance of your neighbours. The next step is often relocating your business to alternate premises, or at least storing your vehicles elsewhere – but naturally you’re concerned about leaving all those valuable investments unattended. How do you know they’re safe when you can’t be there to keep an eye on them?

Stock of Vehicle Cover will provide cover for any vehicle that is your property, a customers vehicle in your trust for motor trade purposes, or any vehicle you are leasing for at least 12 months when it is left at specified business premises.

Naturally there are exceptions, notably motorbikes, scooters, trikes and quads are not covered, and neither are other specialist vehicle types such as steam driven or large vehicle transporters. If you have a locked building such as a warehouse or garage to store the vehicles inside, then you can be covered for fire, theft or attempted theft, and vandalism. If the vehicles are stored outside on a forecourt, then cover will only extend to fire or theft damage.

Row of cars for sale
We can cover up to £100,000 worth of vehicles at the premises at any given time with only a £500 excess.
If you require Stock of Vehicle cover for your “for sale” vehicles stored away from your home address please call on the number shown or let us know below.

01782 200 711